As a Managing Director and Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley in Chicago, I spend a great deal of time counseling clients on financial goals and investment plans. I also happen to be an avid golfer, hitting the range and sneaking in a round when time permits. There is a fairly logical connection between golf and business, but it runs deeper than just negotiations and handshakes between tee shots. Over time, I have come to find that many of those basic golf 101 principles that guide our every stroke, also apply pretty intuitively to the investment arena. By adhering to the…

Reader Testimonial

Having played thousands of rounds on well over 300 courses throughout the Midwest, my absolute favorite round of golf is always the next one. Midwest Golfing Magazine is my source to stay informed and plan my future golf adventures. The recommendations are always best in class and the material is relevant, timely, and informative. With 22 rounds offered on the best golf courses in Wisconsin, the magazine pays for itself and is one of the best values in golf. I applaud the MGM staff and hope you'll enjoy the publication as I do. 

Mike Winters - Chicago, Illinois