Willowbrook, IL — Club Champion is not your father’s club fitter. Back in the day, a professional club fitter would apply tape to your club head and have you hit off a lie angle board. They’d eyeball your swing and suggest a change in the stiffness of your shaft, or maybe a different grip. They may have even had a swing speed meter, but that was the extent of technology’s role in the fittings of the past. Today, premium fitter Club Champion taps into the 21st century from every conceivable angle to deliver a truly professional, truly modern custom golf club…

Reader Testimonial

Having played thousands of rounds on well over 300 courses throughout the Midwest, my absolute favorite round of golf is always the next one. Midwest Golfing Magazine is my source to stay informed and plan my future golf adventures. The recommendations are always best in class and the material is relevant, timely, and informative. With 22 rounds offered on the best golf courses in Wisconsin, the magazine pays for itself and is one of the best values in golf. I applaud the MGM staff and hope you'll enjoy the publication as I do. 

Mike Winters - Chicago, Illinois