18Birdies Launches AI Coach


Golf’s First Mobile Swing Analysis and Instruction Tool Now Available

(Oakland, Calif.) – 18Birdies – creator of the fastest-growing consumer golf app – today announced the launch of AI Coach, golf’s first video-based swing analyzer that uses the power of artificial intelligence to help golfers improve their game anytime, anywhere.

The groundbreaking 18Birdies AI Coach combines a video swing analyzer and personalized improvement recommendations to revolutionize the way golfers analyze, understand and improve their game. Users begin by simply recording a video of their swing with the 18Birdies app. The video is then analyzed and given a swing score. Based on this score and the basic swing flaws identified, the AI Coach then delivers personalized drill recommendations designed to help the user improve their game and find more enjoyment on the course. Swing videos can be taken indoors or outdoors and don’t require the use of a club, meaning users can analyze and improve their swing on their own time – whether they are on the course, range or in the comfort of their own home.

“For decades, golfers have been given limited choices when it comes to receiving instruction. They could either pay an arm and a leg for in-person coaching or try to implement generic tips and drills gathered from the other golfers on the range or the internet without guidance as to how to apply to their specific game” said Eddy Lui, founder and CEO of 18Birdies. “AI Coach brings golf instruction into the future, providing golfers custom tailored instruction based on their own swing wherever and whenever they want. It is a great way for both beginners and experienced golfers to receive meaningful instruction on their own terms.”

AI Coach is just the latest innovation from 18Birdies designed to enhance the on and off-course experience for golfers of all skill levels through their mobile device. From GPS and stat tracking to virtual tournaments and tee-time booking, 18Birdies can be tailored to fit anyone’s approach to the game regardless of experience and without the need for additional expensive or bulky equipment and sensors. This approach has helped 18Birdies build one of the most dynamic communities in the sport, with millennials making up 70% of the its 1.8 million users.

18Birdies is available for download in both the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about the app please visit 18Birdies.com and 18BirdiesApp on Instagram.

About 18Birdies

Founded in 2014, 18Birdies is now the #1 rated game improvement and social platform for golfers. Our mission is to empower all golfers with the tools they need to play at their best – while they’re on or off the course. Avid and beginner golfers reach for 18Birdies to get distances, plan and manage their rounds and stats, learn and challenge themselves with our practice tools and content – and to connect with friends, family and the larger 18Birdies community to share in their collective golf journeys. For more information please visit www.18Birdies.com.


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