GOLFER’S 911: Emergency Medical Guide – Learn how to SAVE A LIFE before you save par!


Orlando, FL – We have all learned and know the importance of “calling 911” in a medical emergency. But how many golfers know what to do when a medical emergency occurs on the golf course? The worst thing you can do – especially in the event of a cardiac arrest – is NOTHING! This concern as well as other life-threatening situations on the golf course served as the inspiration for a new book, “GOLFERS 911: Emergency Medical Guide.”

GOLFERS 911 is written by successful businessman and real estate executive, Mason Delafield of Delray Beach, FL and edited by Ronald Brown, MD, FACOG practicing cardiologist at Carolina Health Span Institute in Charlotte, NC. Both men, who are avid senior golfers, saw a need to publish GOLFERS 911 to educate and inform golfers about what to do in a medical emergency on the golf course.

“When on a golf course, we’re often in a remote environment confronting a variety of hazards every time we play- bunkers, water, alligators, snakes, etc.” explained Delafield. “Selfishly, GOLFERS 911 is a guidebook intended to give me – and other golfers – a better chance for survival in a medical emergency.”

GOLFERS 911 is a 4”x6”, 64-page guide with a red laminated cover and conveniently tabbed sections that fits easily into your golf bag. Individual chapters cover a variety of emergency situations such as fainting, cardiac arrest, choking, seizures, lacerations, head injuries, insect bites and more. Professional medical illustrations displayed throughout GOLFERS 911 makes the content easy to understand and to apply.

“GOLFERS 911 provides valuable medical information and actions with which most of us are unfamiliar, “ said Delafield. “Carrying GOLFERS 911 in your bag and being familiar with the contents can help golfers be proactive and jump into action before first responders arrive. It could even save a life!”

According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, 95% of cardiac arrests that happen on the golf course are fatal. Without administering CPR or using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), 92% die before making it to the hospital. GOLFERS 911 teaches golfers HANDS ONLY CPR and other essential medical techniques in the event of an emergency. For this reason alone, no one should tee off without GOLFERS 911.

“GOLFERS 911 is something of real value to golfers – and these days that not easy to find.” said George Peper, Editor, Link Magazine and heart attack survivor. “Everyone one of us should have a copy of this guide in our bag.”
GOLFERS 911 can be purchased individually for $14.95 and can be customized and ordered in bulk. It makes a unique and thoughtful member appreciation gift for clubs, practical tee gift for tournaments and an eye-catching point of purchase item in any pro shop or retail store.

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