Vineyard Vines – Luxury Golf Apparel, Jim Nantz and a Smiling Whale!


All great brands have great logos: Lacoste has its crocodile, adidas it’s three stripes and Puma has it’s cat. But they just can hold a candle to Vineyards Vines’ and their smiling whale!

Vineyard Vines is a brand that continues to grow in popularity; I see their T-shirts and apparel popping up everywhere. The brand was founded in 1998 by two brothers, Shep and Ian Murray, who still own the company today. They got their start selling neckties out of a backpack, funded totally by credit card debt. They sold over 800 neckties their first weekend in business, paid off their credit cards and the rest as they say is history!

The company began producing golf apparel a number of years ago and has recently upped the ante, introducing the Jim Nantz Collection. While the entire Vineyard Vines apparel line can be considered “luxury apparel,” the Jim Nantz Collection takes that up a notch. Nantz is not only one of the best known media personalities around the world, he always looks marvelous too!

One look and feel of the Ocean Avenue Patterned 1/2-Zip Sweater and you’ll quickly know what I mean. This garment from the Jim Nantz Collection is crafted from a very high quality fabric that is 55% polyester/45% Merino wool. It is extremely wrinkle resistant and moisture wicking while having a very soft touch.

. Remember the paint by number pictures you did as a kid? That’s what this design on the men’s Breaker Pants looks like, only the numbers are missing. It’s an attractive, abstract design that combines flamingoes and floral patterns, creating a very unique look that is sure to turn some heads. are a break from tradition golf apparel and designs. If the design is overwhelming, the Breaker Pants are also available in nine solid colors with waist sizes ranging from 29 – 46.

The Destin Stripe Long-Sleeve Polo is perfect for cool morning rounds. The fabric has built-in stretch for extra range of motion in a classic, relaxed fit. The UPF 50 sun protection weaved into the fabric keeps you protected from the sun’s rays and the moisture wicking properties will keep you dry and cool as the day heats up. As comfortable as this polo is, it’s DESTINed to become your favorite!

Vineyard Vines has a lot of great golf apparel for women too. The UPF Striped Margo Shirt Dress is a chic garment that represents the company’s attempt to resurrect the golf dress; it’s quickly become a favorite among the ladies. The Margo Dress features UPF 50+ sun protection and elbow-length sleeves, providing added protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The ocean-inspired stripes, self-collar and five-button placket give this dress a classic golf look.


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