swingOIL Provides Fitness and Flexibility Before, During, and After Your Round

swingOIL Fitness and Flexibility
Golfers know that good fitness and flexibility are imperative to a solid golf swing. The more you have of each, the longer you can hit shots, maintain endurance and energy for 18 holes, reduce injury, and even lower your scores.
Which is why many golfers are turning to swingOIL, a healthy drink supplement that helps them improve fitness, flexibility, strength and even their mental focus out on the course. The first product of its kind, it’s changing the way golfers approach round preparation — many tend to consume a 3-ounce shot just prior to their round, and then again once during and afterwards.
The core of swingOIL lies in its seven ingredients.
1 – Glucosamine (100 mg) and
2 – Chondroitin (50mg)
Stay lubed up with these two — it’s like an oil change for your body.
3 – Turmeric (40 mg)
Helps reduce inflammation that destroys smooth swings.
4 – Taurine (100 mg)
A low-cal, sugar-free, pick-me-up for when you’re on the back nine.
5 – Citrulline Malate (100 mg)
You love the game too much to take days to recover. Be glad this is in here.
6 – Ginseng Extract (100 mg)
When you’re trying to putt or win a skins match, focus matters. Enter Ginseng.
7 – Rhodiola Rosea Extract (50 mg)
 To order swingOIL products go to www.swingoil.com

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