Hank Haney Reveals Tour Distance Secrets in New Golf Training Course


Amateur golfers can now access professional video-based coaching to help gain distance with Haney’s Speed Slot Sequence

September 27, 2022 – Performance Golf, the industry leader in online golf instructional programs, today announces they have launched a new video course, Get Real Distance by Hank Haney. This new course is based on a never-before-released sequence that Haney spent over 40 years developing.

Haney reveals, “This secret is something I learned while coaching Tiger Woods for six straight years. I watched as he inspired an entire generation of golfers to hit the ball farther and farther. Amateurs come to me and tell me they’ve tried everything to gain distance and nothing works, so I created this course to help them hit the longest, straightest drives of their life. I’ve never met a single amateur golfer who couldn’t immediately add three to seven miles per hour of swing speed and ten to 30 yards of accurate distance to their drives. And that’s exactly why I spent over four decades perfecting a practice swing sequence that makes it easy for golfers to drop the club in the slot.”

The Get Real Distance course includes a “Speed Slot Sequence” to help golfers discover the root cause of their short drives, and exactly what it takes to fix it. The simple sequence helps lower handicaps by developing longer, straighter drives off the tee. The reason amateur golfers try to swing harder and yet don’t gain distance is that their club is not dropping in the slot, which is necessary for squaring the clubface at impact and releasing maximum swing speed at the back of the ball.

Haney continues, “In the past, the only way to learn my Speed Slot Sequence was to be like Tiger, Mark O’Meara, and other pros who pay me not-so-small fortunes for in-person coaching, but that doesn’t allow me to fulfill my mission to help as many amateur golfers as possible play better golf. That’s why I decided to partner with Performance Golf, the industry leader in online golf instructional programs. They’re well-known in the industry for producing high-end video training that not only looks good, but delivers results.”

Performance Golf CEO Brixton Albert shares, “Hank Haney is no stranger to a little controversy; he’s always willing to speak his mind about what is right for golfers and the game of golf. Through this Get Real Distance course, you can eliminate your over-the-top swing, start dropping in the slot, and add ten to 30 yards off the tee. Whether you’re picking up a driver for the first time or you’ve been struggling to gain distance for decades, this simple sequence will get you dropping the club in the slot and increasing your swing speeds.”

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