Designed for High Handicap Golfers, the Launch Pad Family

Delivers Distance, Forgiveness and Confidence. 

Wilson Sporting Goods officially unveiled the new Launch Pad family of clubs. Consisting of a newly developed driver, fairway woods, irons and the all-new FY Club. The Launch Pad collection is designed to inspire confidence in the mind of the high handicap golfer, whether new to the game or looking to improve. Incorporating ground-breaking technological advancements that are visually subtle, the Launch Pad family is designed to elevate shots, while providing greater distance and ensuring more consistent contact. These features deliver the best possible performance and shot-making for the super game-improvement player.


The magic behind these irons lies within the Launch Pad Sole featured throughout the set. This advanced technology is designed to eliminate the “chunk” shot, while simultaneously improving launch. The short irons feature traditional game-improvement sole widths while longer irons feature wider, more forgiving soles, for more consistent ball-striking and greater distance. This progression in sole width allows players to put the long irons back in their bags.

In addition, the smooth bounce angle keeps the leading edge up and decreases turf interaction by floating above the ground. The Launch Pad Irons feature a hollow-body construction, supporting an extremely thin face for explosive ball speed and increased distance.

“The Launch Pad Irons will give game-improvement golfers confidence over every shot,” said Jon Pergande, Manager of Golf Club Innovation. “Keeping the everyday player in mind, our test results show the Launch Pad sole reduces fat shots by 73%, enabling players to attack the course with more confidence.”

The irons are lightweight, making it easier to generate faster club head speed with minimal effort. In addition, the midsize grip provides comfort and enhanced feel for greater confidence with every swing.

The Launch Pad Irons will be offered with a KBS Tour 80 steel shaft or UST-Mamiya Recoil 460 graphite shaft, with both options featuring the traditional Wilson Staff 2 Crossline Mid grip.

The steel shaft options will be sold at $699.99 while the graphite set will start at $799.99. For more information on Wilson Golf, visit www.wilson.com



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