GolfLogix Introduces Putt Line, the Only On-Course App Feature that Shows the Exact Line of Your Putt to the Hole


Please see the below press release from our friends at GolfLogix. There new technology is a game-changer when it comes to sinking more putts!

GolfLogix, the complete game improvement app with the most downloads in golf, has launched its all-new Putt Line feature. The long-anticipated update to the innovative app shows the exact read for distance and line, taking the guesswork out and allowing users to see exactly where to aim their putts.

GolfLogix is the only on-course app that shows you the exact line of your putt to the hole, along with break, change in elevation and the speed of the green.

Now the regular golfer can use GolfLogix to get the same information that the pros have on tour.

              With one simple swipe, golfers can easily:

     Get the exact read for distance and line

      Determine the optimal aimpoint of each putt

      See the elevation change from the ball to the cup

      Read the changes in speed with the color-coded putt line

      View contour lines, arrows, and the slope grid

      Set the green stimp

      Use the animated putt line to see how the ball will break into the cup

      Sink more putts!

A notable addition to the Putt Line feature allows golfers to determine how fast the ball will and how hard they need to hit the putt to reach the hole. With the ability to set the exact green stimp, Putt Line provides the perfect read of both distance and aim.

“It couldn’t get any easier to read a putt on the green,” says Pete Charleston, President at GolfLogix. “There’s no more guessing how uphill or downhill the putt is or how far right or left to aim. With one swipe, the Putt Line feature will give the perfect read, similar to what a very good caddie provides.”

The Putt Line feature is available on over 13,000 courses nationwide with more courses being added every day.

Download the GolfLogix app today to get a FREE trial of Putt Line and


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