Cuddle Clones Allows Your Pet to be Immortalized in a Head Cover


Cuddle Clones’ golf club head covers are the perfect accessory to help golf-lovers celebrate their favorite pet. Cuddle Clones is a stuffed animal that is 100% custom handmade to look just like YOUR pet! The custom head cover version will be a reminder of “Man’s Best Friend” while out hitting the links. Even Pro Golfer, Edoardo Molinari has is own Cuddle Clone Head cover. “Thank you for my new driver head cover. It looks EXACTLY like my dog Toto! So cool! Best gift my wife has gotten me by far.”

MGM recently interviewed Adam Greene, Chief Marketing Officer of Cuddle Clones, regarding the distinctive nature of Cuddle Clones.
What was the genesis of creating Cuddle Clones? Jennifer Williams (CEO) woke up from a nap with her Great Dane Rufus and had the thought that it would be really cool to have a plush stuffed animal that looked just like Rufus, since he was fairly unique looking and she knew she wouldn’t be able to find a generic stuffed animal that looked like him in any store. A few years later Rufus passed away and the idea was resurrected as a way to remember and honor Rufus.
How has the product been received so far? Very well! It’s been featured on magazines, daytime talk shows, etc. and we have several celebrity clients. The pet-owning community at large has thanked us for providing a service that enables them to have a tangible representation of their pet when the real pet can’t be with them due to travel, military deployment, going away to college, hospital stays or sadly a pet’s death.
Where do you see the company in a year from now? Hopefully increasing our awareness to all pet-owners as well as our efforts to donate to more animal-wellness groups. From Day one we’ve made the commitment to make donations to individual pets in need, animal shelters and animal wellness organizations. The more exposure we get for Cuddle Clones, the more we can donate!
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