Author: Kathy Roeser

A Chartered Financial Consultant® and seasoned financial advisor with more than 30 years of experience, Kathy Roeser is the founder and leader of The Roeser Group at Morgan Stanley. She has dedicated her entire career to serving the financial needs of successful executives and multi-generational families around the country. Kathy’s successful practice emphasizes a three-pronged strategy that includes a goals-based approach to financial planning, tailored investment management solutions, and a commitment to providing outstanding service. She focuses on what is most important to each family, so she can develop a customized plan designed to build, preserve, and transition their wealth. Throughout her long and rewarding career, Kathy has been dedicated to educating investors about important matters impacting their wealth. She is a frequent contributor to financial news publications and appears regularly on Chicago-area television shows to discuss various financial topics. Kathy Roeser Managing Director Wealth Advisor The Roeser Group at Morgan Stanley 70 West Madison Street Suite 5450 Chicago, Illinois 60602

As a Managing Director and Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley in Chicago, I spend a great deal of time counseling clients on financial goals and investment plans. I also happen to be an avid golfer, hitting the range and sneaking in a round when time permits. There is a fairly logical connection between golf and business, but it runs deeper than just negotiations and handshakes between tee shots. Over time, I have come to find that many of those basic golf 101 principles that guide our every stroke, also apply pretty intuitively to the investment arena. By adhering to the…

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