A Drive to Remember – Coyote Springs Golf Club Is the Perfect Diversion when in Las Vegas, Mesquite, or Utah’s Red Rock Golf Trail



There are folks who would say driving 50 miles to play golf is a bridge too far – no matter who designed the course or how enjoyable it may be to play. Now if these folks were to say that in reference to Coyote Springs Golf Club, we at Midwest Golfing Magazine have a name for these people: WRONG!  In fact, the time required making the drive back to Las Vegas, Mesquite, or St. George, Utah is just the right amount for your group to review the courses, your favorite shots and score – similar to enjoyment and digestion required of a fine meal.

If you’re like me and you like some room to breathe (on the range, putting green and course), the small investment of time heading north to this Jack Nicklaus Signature Design will be just the oasis you’ve searched for away from the Vegas Hustle. And speaking of room – I found the fairway breathing room a very pleasant surprise too having just stepped off the plane jumping into my first round of 2017. Tight pants and tight fairways both make me a little cranky as my wife will be glad attest to.

In addition to the lush fairway width, the fairway’s firmness stood out to me as well as there is nothing worse than walking up to well-struck drive  next to a fairway ball mark three feet from your ball following. This is something we so often suffer with here in the Midwest, not so at Coyote Springs. Who knew green fairways could roll so nicely. Testifying to this was my Editor Glen Turk’s greenside drive on the 368yd sixth hole – Glen may be tall but he’s not overly long, still that didn’t keep him from some well-earned gloating on that hole’s drive.

As I spoke with Director of Golf Karl Larcom he was eager to point out a couple of other noteworthy Coyote Springs features.

The first he can take credit for and I noticed it right away in the parking lot. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the low key vibe… No pressure to rush to the pro shop, first tee or anywhere in between. Ahhhhhhh.

The second he can’t – Jack Nicklaus and his co-designer God Almighty, have created such stunning vistas and contrasts that even a ride along non-golfer (my wife?) would consider the time well spent – Lakes, palms, gorgeous desert all of it with a mountain backdrop on 18 of 18 holes. The result was a tug on my already thinly stretched attention.  I kept toggling between golfer and sightseer with equal enjoyment of both!

For more information on Coyote Springs, visit www.coyotesprings.com


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