Edinburgh, UK – January 27, 2021 – Shot Scope (www.shotscope.com), a leading international manufacturer of GPS-based golf management systems, today announced a series of upgrades to its platform, allowing users to review ‘strokes gained’ data for all facets of their game on the mobile app.

Strokes gained is a way of analyzing where a player sits when comparing every aspect of their performance with other players within a dataset. This approach to performance analysis will allow Shot Scope users to gain a greater understanding of which areas of their game they may need to work on in order to improve their overall scoring average. This is accomplished by isolating individual aspects of a player’s game and comparing it to the entire Shot Scope dataset to deliver efficient results.

The release of strokes gained on Shot Scope’s performance tracking platform is complemented by a more comprehensive update to the Shot Scope apps, including new performance pages, round overviews and social features.

Strokes gained capabilities will be released gradually onto the Shot Scope platform in three separate phases. Phase One, which will go live on January 27th, will be a strokes gained overview release, benchmarking users’ statistics against Tour golfers.

The overview gives strokes gained for tee shots, approaches, short game, putting for individual rounds and includes filters such as the last five or 10 rounds. For all Shot Scope users, strokes gained will be backdated to include previous years’ data (75 million + shots) to ensure the best possible experience.

The second phase of the Shot Scope strokes gained rollout, expected in early spring, will expand on the initial release, integrating trends and insights to support golfer performance. This phase will allow Shot Scope to break down front-nine and back-nine strokes gained data, while providing more in-depth analysis on each quantifiable category. For example, information on tee shots over a period of time, tee-to-green statistics and tee shots by hole distance (the same sub-categories will apply to approaches, short game and putting).

The final phase of implementation will allow Shot Scope users to benchmark their performance against golfers of a similar handicap. Initially this will be in categories of 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20 and 20-25, with more specific handicap updates being made available via software updates in the future. Phase three is expected to be introduced by June 2021.

“This is a really important progression for our performance tracking platform,” said Shot Scope CEO, David Hunter. “We have taken user-feedback on board and have acknowledged that strokes gained is a hugely important aspect of game improvement.”

“The ability for golfers to assess their game against others at the touch of a button will really help them to identify areas of their game that need to be developed, ultimately helping them play better golf.”

Shot Scope V3 users have unlimited access to Tour-quality performance statistics with the touch of a button. More than 100 different analytics can be reviewed via the Shot Scope V3 mobile app or Shot Scope’s online dashboard on different clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game and putting.

For more information on Shot Scope products and accessories and to buy, head to www.shotscope.com.


Shot Scope Technologies was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. From its inception, the one simple aim of the company has been to improve the way in which both amateur and professional golfers collect and analyze statistics from their game. The Shot Scope team, which consists of technology experts and golfers, including a former Walker Cup player, set out to develop smart wearable technology that was more intuitive and comprehensive than any current market offering.


Glen Turk is a Wisconsin native who has been the Senior Writer/Editor of Midwest Golfing Magazine since 2006. Besides being an avid golfer, Glen enjoys traveling, music, and cheering on the finest professional sports team of all-time, the Green Bay Packers. Glen’s ultimate golf goal is to play in all fifty states and currently he is more than half way there. His other dream, albeit far-fetched, it to record an ace in all seven states of our distribution area. Thanks to an ace in Illinois in 2015, and one in Michigan in 2016, he has three down, four to go!

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