Rolflex Delivers on Their Promise of Being a Golf Recovery Solution


The title of their PR Firm’s email could not have been better written or timed. All it said was Golf Recovery Solution. Considering our staff had just returned from a 36-a-day extravaganza in Michigan, it was time for our body’s to recover without spending a fortune for massages or chiropractic treatment.

So when our Rolflex arrived in the mail a few days later we felt like kids on Christmas morning. And honestly, this product does not disappoint. It is creatively made and immediately helped cure my persistent golf elbow and just overall made me feel better going into my next round. Please read the company line below, but take it from MGM, the Rolflex is one of the most unique golf recovery inventions we’ve seen in quite some time. For more information on Rolflex, visit their website at

 Rolflex ($59.95)— This relief solution will help consumers reduce latent muscle tension and attack pain like never before.  This device can be used to replicate upwards of 40 massage therapy techniques to naturally relieve paid and muscle tension after a workout. From professional athletes to weekend warriors and even professional trainers and therapists, Rolflex is the perfect first line of defense against pain and injury. With advanced biomechanics and an ergonomic design, Rolflex is a complete body solution— providing an intuitive way to amplify pressure and apply massaging techniques to help people feel and perform better. With no true market competitors and only less than adequate alternatives, Rolflex its poised to play a critical role in enabling athletes to relieve pain and, therefore, enhance performance.


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Glen Turk is a Wisconsin native who has been the Senior Writer/Editor of Midwest Golfing Magazine since 2006. Besides being an avid golfer, Glen enjoys traveling, music, and cheering on the finest professional sports team of all-time, the Green Bay Packers. Glen’s ultimate golf goal is to play in all fifty states and currently he is more than half way there. His other dream, albeit far-fetched, it to record an ace in all seven states of our distribution area. Thanks to an ace in Illinois in 2015, and one in Michigan in 2016, he has three down, four to go!

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