GREENVILLE, S.C. — Building on a long-standing commitment to foot comfort, Kentwool, maker of the “World’s Best Sock,” announced today the introduction of a therapeutic sock for foot pain relief. The new SensationWool sock features Kentwool’s signature, superfine Merino wool in combination with Nufabrx® nylon, which is infused with capsaicin and a synthetic cooling agent. This combination of warming and cooling ingredients, similar to those found in over-the-counter pain treatments, provides temporary relief of foot-related aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with strains, sprains, arthritis, bruises, cramps, stiffness and soreness.

“Kentwool socks were born out of a desire to keep customers comfortable, helping them to pursue the activities they love with less pain and more enjoyment,” said Lauren Hubbard, president of Kentwool Performance Apparel. “The SensationWool is an extension of that commitment to comfort, taking the proven performance properties of wool and coupling them with the power of Nufabrx® technology. The socks’ warming and cooling sensations deliver pain relief without the mess and inconvenience often associated with creams and pills. We’re thrilled to offer our customers an easy and effective way to ease their pain.”

Kentwool’s SensationWool socks are offered in an ankle-height style and natural color. They are constructed from a proprietary blend of superfine Merino Wool and other natural and high-tech performance fibers, including Nufabrx® nylon, a fiber infused with capsaicin and a synthetic cooling agent. The SensationWool’s pain management features are lab-tested to last through 30 wash cycles, and the incorporated ingredients are cosmetic-grade and safe for regular wear.

The new Kentwool SensationWool is available now exclusively at and features a retail price of $24.99. The sock is available in women’s MD and LG, and men’s MD, LG and XL sizes.

“We’re excited Kentwool chose Nufabrx® yarn for use in its most innovative socks to date,” said TexDel CEO, Jordan Schindler. “We believe clothing will start to care for your body in entirely new ways. We see the day when well-being is simply part of your everyday outfit, and the SensationWool sock is at the forefront of this movement.”

Since 2008, Kentwool has delivered the “World’s Best Sock” from its headquarters in Greenville, SC.  Drawing on 175 years of mastery in wool manufacturing, Kentwool leverages the attributes of wool, nature’s performance fiber, for unmatched comfort and performance in the sock category. For more information on the Kentwool brand, visit


About Kentwool

Founded in 1843, Kentwool remains one of the nation’s longest running, family-owned textile companies. In 2008, Kentwool Performance Apparel was established to harness wool expertise to create the “World’s Best Sock,” delivering the ultimate in comfort and performance to golfers and those with active lifestyles. Kentwool socks draw upon wool’s natural wicking and thermoregulating properties, as well as their patented product design, to deliver moisture management, superior comfort and other performance ­enhancing benefits with each step taken. Since entering the marketplace, Kentwool has continued to deliver the ultimate performance sock. Well-known in the golf market, Kentwool has won multiple Majors and numerous other TOUR events, establishing itself as golf’s leading, premium Merino wool sock. Kentwool socks are trusted in competition by scores of amateur and professional athletes alike.  Headquartered in Greenville, SC, all Kentwool products are made in the USA. For more information visit

About Nufabrx®

The Nufabrx® platform, created by Textile-Based Delivery, Inc. (TexDel) is a patented method of embedding active ingredients into fibers for consistent release of beneficial therapies to the body. The patented platform puts active ingredients (vitamins, supplements, medicines) into fabric, which can be programmed for controlled release to the skin, and is proven effective through multiple wash cycles. Jordan Schindler founded TexDel in 2011 at the University of Washington in Seattle after learning from a dermatologist that pillowcases are a leading cause of blemishes. Why not turn a negative into a positive? TexDel’s leadership team has extensive experience in apparel, pharmaceuticals, and product commercialization. TexDel has raised more than $3M in equity financing, including a million-dollar Department of Defense grant, and is currently in pilot stage with other notable apparel manufacturers. For more information visit


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