Frogger Golf’s New Latch-It Ecosystem for Rangefinders, Smart Phones & Golf Accessories

Innovation Provides Golfers Secure and Easy Access to Their Gear Anywhere On the Course;
Powered by Catch Latch Magnetic Fastening Technology, Latch-It Products Allow Golfers to Instantly
“Fasten, Detach & Reconnect” their Favorite Accessories to a Golf Cart, Golf Bag or Belt.
Powered by Catch Latch Magnetic Fastening Technology, Frogger Golf’s Latch-It Ecosystem is a line of products that allow golfers to instantly “fasten, detach and reconnect” key accessories — rangefinder, smart phone, towel or brush — to a golf cart, golf bag or a belt.
“Response to our new Latch-It Ecosystem of products has been tremendous here at the PGA Show as the golf industry has embraced this technology in a big way,” said Jeremiah Bohannon, CEO, Frogger Golf. “Devices like a rangefinder and accessories such as a towel or brush are important to golfers, while phones have become commonplace on the range and golf course as players balance busy lives and work with playing the sport they love.”
Bohannon adds, “There has never been a secure solution for accessing essential gear during a round, whether riding or walking. Now, Latch-It provides golfers with easy access to accessories from a cart or bag, to their shot, to the green and back.”
 Highlighting the Latch-It Ecosystem are the new Range Finder Latch-It and Phone Latch-It products.  Range Finder Latch-It, which has a suggested retail price of $17.95, is a universal attachment solution designed specifically for golf carts. It features a Velcro dongle strap that adjusts to fit tightly around leading rangefinders, and a Velcro receiver strap that adjusts to fit around golf cart support bars. Powered by Catch Latch Magnetic Fastening Technology, the Latch-It receiver has a dynamic lock to keep the rangefinder device secure while in motion.  Range Finder Latch-It’s dongle strap also works with Frogger Golf’s universal Bag Latch-It (sold separately) providing  a more efficient rangefinder solution for golfers that walk.
 “No more searching through cart compartments, or bag pockets, or struggling with cases and clips” adds Bohannon.  “Using Frogger Golf’s new Phone and Range Finder Latch-It is as easy as strap-latch-and-go. Golfers now have a convenient solution to keep their devices quickly accessible to help speed play.” 
 Phone Latch-It, which has a suggested retail price of $22.95, is a universal smart phone holder that allows golfers to easily affix their smart phone to a golf cart and eliminates the frustration of having to search their bag pockets or dig through the compartments in a golf cart to access their phone. The adjustable cradle fits tightly around leading smart phones, the Velcro receiver strap fits around golf cart support bars and features a non-slip pad to stay in place.  The ultimate in secure convenience with powerful self-aligning magnets, a dynamic lock for motion and a roto lock for security, Phone Latch-It gives golfers one less thing to worry about. Phone Latch-It’s cradle works with Frogger Golf’s universal Bag Latch-It (sold separately) for golfers that walk and provides a great solution for golfers that want to mount their smart phone on their bag for the purpose of taking video of their swing.
Bag Latch-It, which has a suggested retail price of $12.95, is a versatile accessory attachment system.  Powered by Catch Latch technology, the universal C-clamp receiver screws to the top of almost any golf bag.  Accessories can be attached through their loops or grommets using the ring on the dongle.  The Bag Latch-It receiver accepts the Range Finder Latch-It dongle strap and Phone Latch-It cradle.
 Bohannon adds, “Latch-It products help golfers manage their gear and enjoy the game more. This is a high-tech, yet simple solution that offers secure, easy access to essential products anywhere on the course.”
 For more information on products in the Frogger Golf Latch-It Ecosystem, including Range Finder Latch-It, Phone Latch-It, and Bag Latch-It

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