Annika Sorenstam to Exclusively Wear LOHLA SPORT Ladies’ Golf-Lifestyle Apparel


(LOS ANGELES, Calif.) – Annika Sorenstam and LOHLA SPORT have established a new partnership which has the golf legend exclusively wearing the brand’s premium ladies’ golf-lifestyle apparel at golf tournaments and events.

True to Annika’s Swedish roots, LOHLA SPORT’s impeccable sense of style features colorful, on-trend European designs with Los Angeles flair. Flattering cuts for sizes XXS to XXL are made from fine-quality fabrics sourced worldwide which optimize athletic movement. LOHLA SPORT collections include coordinated tops, bottoms, skorts and outerwear.

Annika immediately gravitated to and embodies the company’s “Made for Play” mantra. Aligned with her balanced home-golf-business regimen, LOHLA SPORT’s customer is the woman who intimately cares about fashion and appearance, and covets comfortable, stylish, playful and classy outfits which confidently transition from the course to the office to socializing with friends and family.

Collaborating with LOHLA SPORT Founder and CEO Lisa O’Hurley and London-based Chief Designer Paul Rees, Annika will help create a bespoke signature collection for release in fall 2022. Part proceeds will benefit the ANNIKA Foundation that provides playing opportunities at golf’s junior, collegiate and professional levels while teaching young people the importance of healthy and active lifestyles through fitness and nutrition.

“I have known Lisa for a long time and always admired her taste and passion for women’s fashion,” says Annika who is widely regarded as the greatest female golfer of all time. “We reached out to LOHLA SPORT after seeing and hearing about its beautiful clothing in golf and country club circles.

“LOHLA SPORT is exactly what I want with my active lifestyle. When going from the office to the course, to the kids’ practices and social settings, I don’t have time to change outfits throughout the day. Now I have the perfect sporty, yet feminine balance that represents today’s lady golfers on and off the course.”

“LOHLA SPORT will give Annika a new, resort-oriented fashion look,” says O’Hurley. “Annika is an inspiration to every woman who picks up a club. With her wining last year’s U.S. Senior Women’s Open, Annika’s comeback is official yet, like the team that comprises LOHLA SPORT, she covets family time as No. 1.”

Annika and O’Hurley fostered a friendship over decades and further bonded over the serendipitous timing of their partnership. With on- and off-course participation surging the past two years, the women’s golf economy exceeded $1.53 billion in 2021, according to Golf Datatech. Roughly $482 million was spent on women’s golf apparel.

In addition to more than 200 fine golf shops carrying LOHLA SPORT since its debut in January 2021, the brand has become a media darling for its refreshing looks. ESPN, Forbes, GOLF Magazine, Golfweek, NBC Sports and others praised the apparel for its upmarket appearance. Much attention focuses on unique-to-LOHLA SPORT signatures:

The Golf Fitness Pull-On Pant – Worn stand-alone (akin to a workout tight) or under skorts in the fall for added warmth and décor, it is purposely thicker and outfitted with back pockets, becoming the perfect golf-yoga pant. Its back pockets make it country club appropriate.

The “Very Pant” – The four-pocket, full, four-way stretch is offered in several colors. It was inspired by the J. Peterman character in the TV hit “Seinfeld,” indicating specificity of the surreal or sublime. The famous line “The Very Pant I’ve been searching for all my life” is part of sitcom lore.


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