80BREAKR Is Here– Your Game Will Be Taken to a Higher Level Thanks to The Best Golf Scorecard App


San Diego, CA – The 80BREAKR™ golf scorecard app exhibited its new app and features at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. It’s the only golf scorecard app partnering with golf courses, golf associations and PGA pros. 80BREAKR’s corporate mission is to help golf courses thrive, and help amateur golfers improve. The game improvement mode can be used on the range or course, and with the assistance of a PGA pro will help golfers lower their score and achieve their personal goals for 2018.

80BREAKR™ is the only app that looks and works like a scorecard, but incorporates everything the latest mobile devices can do for you. It’s ease-of-use lets golfers focus on their game, instead of the app. Without any annoying screen changes, it features two-tap score entry and an at-a-glance screen, including score, competition, betting and GPS distance to the center of the green. We’re also excited to roll out our live leaderboard for multi-foursome competition this spring.
For the start of 2018, and for a limited time, 80BREAKR is offering savings for golfers:
GPS at-a-glance on your scorecard: $4.99 (normally $29.99)
Betting Modes: $0.99 (normally $4.99)
Handicap Service $9.99: posts your score automatically for a USGA™ handicap (normally $29.99)
About 80BREAKR
Thomas Stewart is a mechanical engineer with 24 U.S. patents for high-end computer design across three high-tech Silicon Valley companies. He’s led teams of engineers to deliver high-quality computer designs on time and on schedule. In 2012, he went to play golf with a friend who was a beginner — and almost lost. Being a lifelong golfer, that did not sit well. Tom downloaded every golf app available, and was frustrated with all of them.  They detracted from his golf game, and left him by himself off the green while his foursome was already teeing off on the next hole as he tried to enter scores and use terribly designed golf apps. Worse yet, they had no easy way to measure your game or let you focus your practice time and lessons. For more information please visit their website at http://80breakr.com/



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Glen Turk is a Wisconsin native who has been the Senior Writer/Editor of Midwest Golfing Magazine since 2006. Besides being an avid golfer, Glen enjoys traveling, music, and cheering on the finest professional sports team of all-time, the Green Bay Packers. Glen’s ultimate golf goal is to play in all fifty states and currently he is more than half way there. His other dream, albeit far-fetched, it to record an ace in all seven states of our distribution area. Thanks to an ace in Illinois in 2015, and one in Michigan in 2016, he has three down, four to go!

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